Monday, July 15, 2013

Frogs and Tarantulas

Oh oh oh woke up today feeling the way I always do. oh oh oh" cleaning the house, ready to leave for Jazzercise, but couldn't find the keys... normal stuff like that, when suddenly the day got very weird, very quickly! I was grabbing a towel from the porch to put it in the Laundry and it felt gooey and moist (and it should have been dry). I come to realize that the towel IS dry, it just feels gooey because I am actually grabbing a frog that was sitting on the towel. I got excited because we aren't really allowed to have pets at our apartment and so whenever we find little amphibians, we put them in a cage for a week and let the kids take care of them. They love it! So I let the kids help me catch it and we had a very exciting time!
 Then we went outside to look for rocks and leaves to put in the cage... everything was still pretty normal, other than the fact that we caught a frog in La Costa at our apartment complex, until we got back in the house. I was holding the door open for the kids to come through, when Lucy says "Look at that big spider" I look above my head in the doorway, not worried, because I have worked really hard to conquer my fear of spiders over the years and I have completely conquered it...or so I thought. BUT...I definitely had to remind myself to stay calm when I saw a huge, hairy, black... TARANTULA about a foot away from my face. Yes, there is a Tarantula in my doorway right now. It has been there for over an hour now. I am not freaking out too badly, I stayed calm enough to take some pictures anyway, but I will probably leave our house over the patio wall, instead of using the front door. If you want a new pet, you can give me a call and come pick it up. Apparently they go for about $20 at the pet store...but this one is free! And after reading about them they eat frogs, go figure! Maybe that is why he is here. I know they are harmless, but I would rather spray a black widow with poison than have this harmless creepy creature live in my doorway! Hahaha... what an adventure! Just when I was wishing my kids had a yard so they could experience more of nature... apparently you don't need a yard for that experience...and I guess you need to be more specific about what you mean by "nature" careful what you wish for! Long post...long isn't even noon yet! Anyway...check out the picture of our new pets!
 Part 2:  AJ Dustin came a few hours later and removed this wild and creepy creature.

 Now he is off to show it to his friends before he releases it to the wild.

  Thanks AJ.  Even his mom, Becky Dustin got in there and helped out.  What a brave woman!

 One last pic to remember today's adventure! Lucy did not want me to take this picture.  She was very afraid that the spider would eat the frog...cute!

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Those are some really cool looking spiders and frogs! You're lucky to have seen them! We definitely have them here too where I live in Missouri.

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